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Updated: May 27, 2019

Las Vegas is the world’s entertainment haven and a renowned tourist destination that thrives on numerous exciting activities to do as well as a lot of enticing attractions. Every year, scores of people from around the world vacation in this bustling and sprawling city. If you plan to visit Las Vegas any time soon, you need to know how to find the best bargains on the hotels in this city.

Las Vegas may be on the world map because of its vibrant nightlife, casinos, and bright neon lights, but that is not all the city has to offer. You can enjoy numerous entertainment options such as stage shows, star-studded concerts, and fascinating museums as well as well as upscale dining.

Despite the fancy hotels and luxurious restaurants as well as high-end shopping malls, you don’t necessarily have to spend all your fortune on your vacation. You can stay in some of the best and most luxurious hotels situated on the Strip, but then you need to know how to save big on hotel deals.

Here’s how to score a great deal on Las Vegas hotels:

Compare Different Hotel Rates Online

Do not make the mistake of assuming that most active travel sites publish and share basically the same information, because it is not always true.

There are several reliable comparison websites that you can utilize to compare the prices of different hotels across numerous properties.

You should also search for and use promo and coupon codes before you book any hotel. Try to discover how you can cut down the price even further with a discount. However, do not limit yourself to search engines; visit the websites of individual hotels to find out the specials they are offering at present.

By checking out the websites of different hotels, you will have a rough idea of how much the hotels will charge, especially within your anticipated travel window. When compare prices like this, you will not miss out on better deals.

Take a Trip Only During The Offseason

The best period to visit Las Vegas is during the weekends, but you should know that the hotel rates in Las Vegas are high in certain days. Friday and Saturday nights are usually the most expensive nights of every week as most travels always desire to stay over the weekend.

You can cut out this unnecessary hike in prices by planning your trip to Las Vegas from Sunday to Thursday. You should also do your best to avoid particular periods of the year such as the peak tourism season which starts from February to June. Hotel rates are usually at the highest during the tourism season, so maximize your savings by visiting Vegas in fall or winter. Things are a bit quieter when it comes to the best hotel rates.

Take Advantage of Your Credit Card Incentives

Most renowned credit card companies offer rewards or points as incentives, though only a few are designed to provide travel rewards only. If your credit card offers travel incentives or rewards – including airline miles, hotel accommodations, travel bookings, etc. – you need to take advantage of the points that you have earned.

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