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Updated: May 27, 2019

Retiring at old age is one feat that many people look forward to, and usually prepare towards as they age. It is the best time for one to unwind and enjoy the rest of life in peace. However, for many people, this is not the case as retirement practically brings health care benefits to an end.

In most cases, seniors don’t have dental insurance coverage, notwithstanding the potential health risks that are linked with poor oral hygiene. There is an increased risk of less-than-regular dental checkups for seniors who don’t have dental insurance, and this could culminate in heart problems and other forms of ill health. This is why it is highly crucial for one to find an affordable dental care option for seniors as soon as possible to prevent such an occurrence.

It is not always easy to find affordable dental care options for seniors since most seniors are usually on fixed incomes. However, that does not imply that there are no options for seniors who are looking for excellent dental care that is affordable.

The Importance of Dental Care For Seniors

Oral health is highly significant, especially as one grows older. This is because there is an increased risk of health complications when an adult does not have the appropriate dental care.

For instance, according to Senior Living, poor dental hygiene can result in the development of life-threatening diseases. Research has shown that over 30% of seniors have cavities in their teeth are yet to be treated. Almost 25% of seniors have periodontal disease.

Dental Schools and Dental Care For Seniors

A considerable number of dental schools offer dental services such as X-rays and cleanings at reduced prices. Seniors can check online to find out the specific dental schools that provide such services as well as the other types of services they provide.

Seniors with Medicare

It is a known fact that seniors with Medicare don’t visit the dentist for dental care. Original Medicare doesn’t pay for dental care. The only way an individual with Medicare can get coverage for dental care is when it is coupled with health care for particular incidents.

For instance, if someone sustains injuries as a result of a vehicular accident and needs reconstruction of the jaw, the professionals that will perform the dental care phase of the reconstruction surgery may submit a claim to Medicare. Medicare doesn’t cover dental care, dentures or checkups.

Affordable Dental Care: What Other Options Exist For Seniors?

A lot of states offer affordable dental care for seniors. Community health departments provide dental care at highly reduced prices. County health departments also offer services which usually include extractions or fillings.

Seniors living in assisted facilities or nursing homes have access to affordable dental care, in most cases. But before then, a family member or the senior should find out whether or not the facility offers dental care and the various options they have.


Your dental health is just as important as your overall health; yet, many people don’t go for regular cleanings or checkups due to the high cost of these services. Seniors without a dental coverage may end up with severe dental ailments or miss a few teeth needlessly.


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