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Updated: May 27, 2019

One of the best ways to enjoy multiple destinations all packed in one is to embark on a cruise. Most of these cruises are all-inclusive as well, i.e. your food, stateroom, entertainment, etc. are included in the price. Exotic ports and convenience are not the only appeal; you can take advantage of the season by finding the best Cruise Deals that will make your vacation enjoyable and economical.

If you want to make the most of your cruise vacation, here are some hot tips to put into play as soon as possible:

Book as early as possible

There is hardly any cruise line that doesn’t love to fill up early. Travelers who commit themselves to a holiday several months in advance will enjoy massive discounts.

Therefore, if you are in the position to book your voyage in advance, then do it as soon as possible. However, this does not imply that you cannot shop around as you stand the chance of uncovering even better discounts than what you have come across.

If you don’t know where to look or you are finding it difficult to get a good cruise deal, you may have to hire a professional booking service who will take it upon themselves to secure the best cruise deals via discount sites that they have access to.

When should you look?

One thing you must not neglect in your search for the best cruise deals is what is referred to as the “wave season.” The “wave season” is usually the beginning of the year – which spans from January to March – as this is one of the periods that exotic cruise lines offer steep discounts for a short time.

Tickets will not only be way cheaper than usual; some cruise lines usually throw in some add-ons that potential travelers will find too appealing to pass up.

In most cases, the wave season doesn’t bring the best discounts for obvious reasons – even though you can get ticketed discounts – the main point to take note of here is that the season offers excellent value such as:

• Buy one, get one free deal

• Upgrade rooms

• Affordable spas, etc.

The primary thing to look out for and take advantage of during the wave season is the upgrades.

Do not ignore river cruises

Most people focus their sights on big ocean-liners and forget about river cruises. This is a big mistake to make as river cruises tend to offer more stunning scenery than sea voyages.

River cruises are becoming popular by the day – thanks to port towns with rich histories, etc. – and instead of ignoring this option, you can jump on board and come across a few great cruise deals that are worth checking out.

Therefore, you can go online to perform research on your own to find the best river cruise deals out there or go through a professional travel agency. These agencies are often in the know when it comes to river cruises and when the best deals will be offered.


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