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Updated: May 27, 2019

Auto manufacturers have experienced a noticeable plunge in the trajectory of the SUV market over the past ten years. This could be attributed to the high gas prices as well as the desire for more driving.

As a result of this, owners of gas-guzzling SUVs quickly opted for vehicles with more fuel efficiency, thus resulting in the low sales of new vehicles for the past ten years.

Consequently, the prices of SUVs shot to the roof when manufacturing slowed, and people began to avoid SUVs like the plague.

But in reality, SUVs are not as expensive as most people believe, especially if you go shopping during the holidays.

During The Holidays: Big SUV sales in the offing

When auto manufacturers discovered that consumers were no longer interested in purchasing inefficient and heavy SUVs, they changed their approach by manufacturing crossovers as well as a new line of SUVs with exquisite designs.

The SUVs were an excellent blend of comfort, size, and fuel efficiency. This development led to the increase in demand for more efficient vehicles, and many dealerships were left with lots of SUVs to offload from their lots.

The holidays are the perfect period for anyone who wants to get an SUV before newer models arrive next year. It is also a weekend in which consumers are burdened with a lot of money to spend, and this prompted dealerships to drop their prices significantly so that they don’t lose out entirely.

New buyers of SUVs will, therefore, enjoy immense benefits, especially from the incentives that dealers offer their consumers in order to divest the old SUV models and make way for the newer ones. Incentives as high as $12,000 are now prevalent, according to USA Today.

So it doesn’t matter whether you need an SUV for a cross-country tour or road trip or a fuel-efficient ride, you’re going to enjoy a lot of cash back incentives on the holidays. The prices of SUV models that have been sitting on the lots of dealerships will plummet significantly so that more sales will be made.

The following are some steep discounts that consumers stand to take advantage of:

• Jeep Grand Cherokee (2018) – Eligible for as much as $4,000 off its MSRP, according to CarsDirect.

• reports that1.9% is available on Infiniti QX80 (2018) for buyers that purchase via local dealerships.

• Cadillac Escalade (2018) is available for $2,000 cash back and zero percent financing for qualified buyers, according to

• Ford Edge (2018) is available with zero percent financing and $1,000 cash back for qualified buyers only, as reported by U.S. News.

You need to carry out diligent research locally to find excellent deals that you can take advantage of to enjoy enormous holidays savings. This is because a majority of these dealerships’ deals are location-based.

Different regions and cities provide better financing offers, more significant cash-back incentives, and mind-blowing discounts on old models so that there will be room for newer models.

Therefore, the best time to search for and find the best SUV deals in your area is now!


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