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The speed at which technological advancement and innovation are taking place is staggering. Every day, state-of-the-art products ranging from toys to sophisticated health gadgets and problem-solving devices flood the market, sweeping everyone off their feet with their coolness.

It is increasingly becoming more challenging to keep up with the latest gadgets and technology as well. The year 2019 is shaping up to be the year of more technological discoveries, though it is too early to say.

However, here are the hot-selling gadgets that are on sale in 2020 and bound to sell out this January:


FIXD is an innovative device that helps users to find out what is wrong with their vehicles before visiting the mechanic’s workshop. This implies that no mechanic can exploit or take advantage of you ever again since you already what is wrong with your automobile.

All you need to do is pair the device with your smartphone and then plug it into your vehicle. The information you need to know about the condition of your automobile will be displayed on your smartphone.

FIXD has more than 5,000+ five-star reviews and is one of the greatest Kickstarter campaigns to date.

NightGuide HD

Nighttime driving has always been inherently dangerous as bright lights, and the glare from oncoming traffic affects many road users every night. Accidents that occur at nighttime are caused primarily because of reduced vision, and this is why the NightGuide HD was welcomed with open arms.

It is presently the #1 solution for safe driving at night, thanks to its specialized tint that provides up to 100% UV protection while enhancing clarity and contrast. Your eyes will no longer bear the strain you subject them to every evening on your way home from work. The strain on the eye has been proven to cause migraines and drowsiness, but these will be a thing of the past with the lightweight NightGuide HD which can even fit over prescription glasses without any issue.


This is one sleep remedy that people with insomnia will fall in love with tremendously. Dodow’s rhythmic mesmerizes and retrains your brain to go to sleep. It is scientifically and innovatively designed to quiet your busy mind within minutes, relax your entire body while slowing your breathing. Then voila! You have been lulled to sleep.

Photostick Mobile

This revolutionary device – designed exclusively for mobile gadgets – can be used to back up any anything and everything on your smartphone. Push a button, and the invention goes immediately into action by finding, organizing, and securing all photos on your mobile gadget.

This means that you will never lose any of those memories you have captured on your smartphone.

Pocket Drone

Pundits have stated that this is the best drone – ever. Not only is it extremely affordable, but it is also having a significant impact on the drone market. It is so small and portable that you can fold it small enough to fit into a small bag or pocket. It is also easy to use.

Although small in size, the Pocket Drone is extremely powerful and comes with gravity sensors. It is user-friendly and takes some remarkable pictures. It also has a free application and works in conjunction with the aerial vehicle.


This innovative device has garnered over 1,500+ five-star reviews for one reason: it trumps super glue. Bondic can fix anything – glasses, door hinges, cables, etc. –and they will remain fixed.

Bondic is the #1 tool for homeowners, college students or anyone who loves fixing things without getting down and dirty.


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