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Updated: May 27, 2019

There are several factors you need to bring into consideration when you want to buy a car. This is because buying a vehicle is a complicated process and not the same as buying other prize possessions.

Numerous car models – along with different financing options – are available and seem to complicate the matter further.

However, buying a car should not be all that difficult if you know the right questions to ask. If you do not ask the right questions, you may end up with a less-than-satisfactory vehicle which may threaten your financial health in the future.

Therefore, here are some questions you should ask in your quest to buy a car:

How Can I Find The Best Car Deals?

The best period to come across great car deals is usually around major holidays like Independence Day, Labor Day, etc. as this is the period that most car dealerships utilize to sell vehicles.

But then, a lot of car dealerships offer year-round promotions; therefore, you need to shop around as that is the only way to find and take advantage of the best deals.

Is The Car Title Salvaged Or Clean Of Accidents?

It is vital for you to ask about the official title of the vehicle. If the title is not clean of accidents and salvaged, you may have to give it up and look elsewhere. You also need to confirm that the current title bears the current owner/seller’s name. This will prevent you from buying a vehicle that may have been stolen which could land you in hot trouble with the law enforcement agencies.

Is The Vehicle Fuel-Efficient?

Fuel efficiency should be your utmost priority when buying a car. The cost of fuel soars higher every day, and if you must invest in a car, you need to go for one with maximum fuel efficiency.

You will not only end up saving thousands of dollars, but your contribution to environmental pollution will be significantly minimized. You can also research fuel consumption of new cars by visiting relevant website for more information.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Maintain This Car?

The cost of maintaining a vehicle is a factor that should be discussed before you pay for the automobile. When you buy a car – new or used – your expenses don’t end here. You need to have a prepared budget that will accommodate the cost of regular maintenance and check-ups.

The availability of spare parts should also be considered as you will need them later on.

What Is Included In The Warranty?

Warranty is one of the best and most enticing offers that car dealers wave in the faces of potential buyers of brand new vehicles. Make sure you ask about the warranty coverage before you buy the car.

The coverage usually ranges from six months to more than five years, depending on both the vehicle and agreement. It covers parts, service, roadside service, etc. Some car dealers offer extra warranty for a small fee.

Therefore, ensure that you read the details or fine print thoroughly so that you can have a full understanding of the terms as well as the conditions involved.

What Is The Actual Cost Of The Vehicle?

Find out the actual price of the vehicle. You can ask for a discount, available rebates, etc. You should also ask whether or not they offer any form of special financing.


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